Positive-Wholeness is encapsulated fully in it’s title. No more, no less.

I, the founder of Positive-Wholeness believe in the mind, body, spirit connection that intrinsically work together very powerfully. My work is committed to a holistic approach  that enables this connection to be integrated to promote healing and health.
Positive-Wholeness reflects my motivation over 35 years in my search for meaning, and to bring human values, such as compassion and originality to my work. By maintaining a strong heart connection and focusing on the holistic approach when working with individuals, I believe I contribute a wisdom and meaning to other people’s lives. I work creatively with clients to support personal transformation and change in a compassionate and intuitive way. Marcel Proust once said, ” Happiness is beneficial for the body, but it is grief that develops the power of the mind”. My work often is dealing sensitively with supporting people with loss and separation as well as crisis through processes that have unique depth and insight. I value authenticity and work as a reflective caretaker to support people to work authentically on themselves so that their true selves shine through, and that each one can recognise their own unique gifts. The various techniques used are a blend of different tools and techniques, hypnotherapy, NLP life coaching, Emotional freedom techniques, timeline therapy, bioenergetics, that recognises that depression is a depression of energy flow, to which movement is an appropriate response. Whilst I recognise that life is both about joy and suffering, I support people to integrate both so that they can be positively whole.

I draw on experience, training, skills and knowledge from 30 years in NHS and non-NHS roles they all relate to health and well-being.


About Positive-Wholeness

Personal Development Coach. Relationship Therapist
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