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I have a background of working for 30 years supporting and helping people from many walks of life, through nursing, midwifery, health-visiting, and also non NHS work in counselling for Relate for 8 years. In 2006 I found Positive-Wholeness following training in Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP and Life coaching. I work as Advanced Lightning ProcessTM Practitioner having trained at Phil Parker Training Institute running 3 day training programmes. As a Master Practitioner of NLP (trained with GWiz Learning Partnership), I have many tools, techniques, and resources to support people for a range of different issues and support them to actualise their true potential in health and wellbeing.

6 Week Positive Relationship Course for Couples

Positive Relationship Course  for Couples 6 week course commencing on Thursdays: 5th January to February 9th 2012 7-9pm. This interactive 6 weeks course will offer you and your partner the opportunity to discover ways to enhance the quality of loving in your … Continue reading

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Transforming you who want to be.

In readdressing this topic transforming who we want to be, I am wishing to share about caring for the soul. Soul care touches subjects such as hopelessness and loss. It seems to me that matters of the human mind and spirit contribute … Continue reading

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Transforming your self-Becoming who you want to be

Welcome. I have been procrastinating some very important thoughts, and ideas with my musings and realise that it is important to share with others what I am learning and have learned. What is the point of witholding this information when … Continue reading

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Some interesting articles to read.

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