Transforming your self-Becoming who you want to be

Welcome. I have been procrastinating some very important thoughts, and ideas with my musings and realise that it is important to share with others what I am learning and have learned. What is the point of witholding this information when it can clearly support and help others. If nothing more than perhaps to stop some of the more unfortunate things happening to others where I might have learned the painful and hard way?

My first words are to you are listening and connecting. I have learned that years of working with children, families, and other caregivers have shown me that health involves much more than repaired body systems, and that healing happens at the level of soul. Positive-Wholenss is around health, the matters of the heart, mind and soul. Developing this inner sensitivity I believe gives birth to the beginning of our own spiritual lives. As we learn to listen to our own inner voice, we also start to hear and receive another’s story.

I guess I have learned that as I have sought to find a wholeness in myself, I have attempted to seek my spiritual self, believing that it has some role to play. With a significant spinal health problem, I wondered where it was in my life that I believed life not to be supporting me properly. What pain, conflict and loss was around. It didn’t take long to understand what lay at some of the source of these issues…and some of my healing was around reconciliation and letting go. In doing this, my back pain started to ease.

The strength of the human spirit never ceases to amaze me, as well as the value of community and the healing essence of compassion.

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